French - Basic to Intermediate

The French Card has over 30 grammar charts. It covers basic and intermediate grammar topics such as the présent and passé composé endings, the imperfect, conditional and future tenses, object, subject, reflexive and demonstrative pronouns, common regular and irregular verbs, conjunctions, adjectives and useful vocabulary.

French - Intermediate to Advanced

The French card contains charts with advanced grammar such as l’impératif, order of pronouns, relative pronouns, passé simple, les temps composes, the conditional. One full page is dedicated to le subjonctif  in present, past, imperfect and past perfect. It also includes a practical table with the uses of le subjonctif.

Spanish - Basic to Intermediate

The Spanish Card contains over 30 essential grammar charts. The card covers the pronouns, articles, adjectives, possessives, regular and irregular verbs, verb endings in the present, pretérito, imperfecto, present progressive, future and conditional.

Italian - Basic to Intermediate

The Italian card has 35 independent tables, and just as the rest of the cards, it’s colour coded, showing the different endings and specific words needed for the 3 persons in the singular and plural form. The card displays charts with presente, passato prossimo, imperfetto, condizionale and futuro. It also contains articles, possessives, pronouns, prepositions, adjectives, keywords and useful expressions.

German - Basic to Intermediate

The German Card contains over 30 grammar charts. The articles, adjectives and pronouns are displayed in a colour coded system to clearly show the different declensions (nominativ, akkusativ, dativ, genitiv). In addition to these tables, the card also displays charts with common regular and irregular verbs, verb tenses, prepositions, and useful vocabulary.

English - Basic to Intermediate

The basic to intermediate card displays the building blocks of the English language such as the verb to be in present and in past, subject and object pronouns, possessives, quantifiers, frequency adverbs, the present and past simple, the present and past continuous, the future tense, comparatives, superlatives, modal verbs, as well as useful vocabulary.

English - Intermediate to Advanced

This grammar card contains the verb to be in all its forms, adjective order, question tags, perfect tenses, defining and non-defining relative clauses, reported speech, direct and indirect questions, conditionals, wishes and regrets, the passive voice, connectors, prepositions and a handy list of examples using the verbs do and make.

Irish - Part 1

The Irish card is divided into 2 parts. Part one covers mainly verbs in past, present and future tense, type 1 and type 2 verbs, the 11 irregular verbs in all their forms. It also contains the conditional, possessives, pronouns the copula forms and indirect speech among other useful charts.

Irish - Part 2

Part two covers noun declensions, adjectives, prepositional pronouns, the comparative and superlative and common expressions. Both cards are displayed in a colour coded system for easy reference. The séimhiú and urú have a specific colour pattern to highlight the spelling and pronunciation changes that occur in certain situations.

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