What are they?

Yuri’s Study Cards are A3 laminated cards folded in two and contain the most important areas of grammar that you need to know when learning Irish, French, Spanish, German, Italian or English.

The different areas of grammar are clearly grouped in independent charts. They have been designed with a colour coded system for easy identification and cross-referencing. This will help you navigate the structure of a sentence by easily identifying specific words or endings within the same colour path.

Because of their design, the cards help you look at grammar from a different angle. It shows the grammar in a way that you can put it into practice. This logical perspective gives you a solid structure and better accuracy when expressing your ideas in the new language.




Because of its content and design, the card can be used in MULTIPLE WAYS


IMG_4142 - CopyAs a Reference Aid

The card displays different grammar points such as verb tenses, noun declensions prepositions, possessives, and endings that are sometimes hard to remember. Instead of looking through your notes or books, you can easily find the specific word needed.

The card’s colour coded system simplifies your studying by helping you focus on specific persons at a time, making your studying less overwhelming and more logical. By having your card at hand, a brief glance is sufficient to clarify any question you may have.



As an Exam Guide

Whether you are studying for the ordinary or higher level, Junior or Leaving Cert, or other exams, a basic but solid knowledge of the parts of speech is essential. Since the card contains the basic structure of the language, it provides you with the specific information you need in order to simplify your studying.


As a Teaching Tool

If you are a teacher, using Yuri’s Study Cards in class will save you time as you won’t have to write the tables on the board. It will also guarantee that all your students have their grammar tables easily available at any time.

The cards can help you create different activities during class. You could focus on a specific table to practise a grammar point and at the same time reinforce another basic element your students may still have difficulties with just by combining different tables. The cards also contain time expressions and vocabulary words, so students can be encouraged to create their own sentences.


.Students and teachers can find many benefits from having the most important grammar points in one card. The needs and situations will always determine the use of this practical tool. But most importantly it will help you look at grammar from a different angle. It will allow you to see the relationship the different grammar elements have with each other and make your learning process easy and logical.


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