About Yuri

Having taught English and Spanish to hundreds of students of different ages and levels in Universities, companies and school classrooms for many years, provided me with a desire to achieve a more efficient way for my students to learn and for me to teach the language.

I obtained a diploma both in Communication and Business Management and in English Teaching as a Foreign Language. I also studied Spanish Teaching as a Foreign Language and Literature from Latin America. I also have a published Spanish translation of Aidan Storey’s book, Angels of Divine Light, published in 2015 by Atria – Simon & Schuster, N.Y.

While I understood that different resources, techniques and materials are a must for an efficient and dynamic class environment, I also realised how grammar is an essential pillar when learning a language.

I observed a constant trend where students who understood the grammar structures and applied their knowledge in context to their communicative skills, had better accuracy and reached a proficiency level much quicker.

Many times, students experienced a-ha moments when they understood why sentences were structured in a certain way and they would never forget that structure again. They immediately accessed a deeper understanding of the language which gave them confidence and encouragement as they saw their own progress improve.

Based on these experiences, I decided to condense the most important grammar elements in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Irish and English as a second language that any student would need to know. Keywords, verb lists and time expressions were also included so students could work with the cards in multiple ways.

My goal is to help students enjoy their language learning process by making grammar studying less intimidating and more logical.

I wish you good luck in your learning and teaching endeavours, and I hope that with the use of these cards your experience will be enjoyable and successful.