Foreign language grammar doesn’t have to be boring anymore!

Yuri’s Study Cards

Yuri’s Study Cards are foreign language grammar guides in French, Spanish, German, Italian, English and Irish.

The cards are light and colourful and contain up to 30 charts of essential grammar patterns, verbs, and useful vocabulary to make your studying easier.

A Tool for Students

YSC’s are your best companion when you are studying for an exam, reviewing your grammar notes, writing an essay, doing homework or completing a task in class.
It’s a great card to have at hand when you need to find a word or verb ending you may have forgotten or are unsure of.

An Aid for Teachers

When the card is used in class, students have immediate access to their grammar notes. They improve their accuracy and become more independent in their learning process.

With Yuri’s Study Cards you get straight forward, colourful grammar with:


Exam studying


Finding the verb ending that you keep forgetting

Essay writing (subject verb agreement)


You get straight forward grammar that helps you with:


  • Exam studying
  • Homework and revision
  • Finding the verb ending you keep forgetting
  • Essay writing (subject-verb agreement)

Over 20,000 students are currently using Yuri’s Study Cards in Ireland.


I have a son going into Leaving Cert and another going into Junior Cert. Both have used this learning device for French. Eldest son got an A in French Essay having used it. (French grammar had been an issue for him) and younger one is storming through his French revision with it. Will recommend it to all my friends. An excellent learning tool. Visually impressive and so easy to use.

Aishling Smith

I have no hesitation in recommending and endorsing these simple, clear, accurate and superbly designed additions to efficient language understanding.

John Sullivan

Director Shankill Languages

It’s an amazing summary of loads of complex information”


Chloe Murphy

Donahies Community School

Dublin 1

Yuri’s Study Cards are a very useful resource for language students. Students can quickly and easily clarify basic Grammar issues that may come up during classwork or homework without having to search through notes or books. The cards provide a general overview of the language grammar at a glance in a colourful and user friendly format. I would recommend these cards as an essential resource for all years and abilities.”  


Jaime Fernández – Spanish Teacher

St. David’s Holy Faith Secondary School,


It really helped me to improve the basics in my Spanish. It’s very handy to have, I would definitely recommend getting one.”


Leanne M.

6th Year Student



The format is great, much easier than carrying a dictionary, and very easy to use.”



Aisha Wong

Donahies Community School