All the cards cover the most important grammar charts such as pronouns, articles, adjectives, verb endings for different tenses and useful vocabulary.


The cards have over 30 independent tables with an easy to follow colour coded system. Each table is explained on the website under the Grammar section.


The German card also includes the declensions for the articles, pronouns and adjectives. Each case is highlighted in different colour for easy reference.


Th Irish card is divided into 2 parts. Part one covers mainly verbs and pronouns. Part two covers nouns, adjectives, prepositions and expressions.


The Italian card has 35 independent tables. It contains the endings for presente, passato prossimo, imperfetto, condizionale and futuro, among other elements.

ENGLISH as a second language

The English card is divided into two cards. Basic to Intermediate and Intermediate to Advanced. They contain all the grammar any English language learner should know.

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